About Trico: Management Strategy

Trico Development Inc. has extensive experience in all aspects of land planning, project design, development and construction. We continue to successfully entitle and develop distinctive projects on complicated sites that may be passed over by less qualified developers. By having our own in-house professional architects, engineers, contractor and property managers we have become recognized for our innovative approaches to creating quality development opportunities that consistently achieves our desired goals.

Our in-house expertise includes extensive broker/sales experience and complete full service property management. Combined with the construction and development, Trico has the knowledge and capability to acquire existing underperforming assets or expansion opportunities allowing for repositioning and increased investor returns.

The team establishes clear criteria, goals and expectations that reinforce the alignment of interests, authority and accountability. Through our sister companies we provide complete property management, leasing and construction management services for our portfolio. This comprehensive understanding of acquiring, developing and managing real estate allows us to concentrate on geographic and product focus providing efficient and effective investment management.

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